Hanging Lake and New Watercolor Tools

Anne Gatchell, Drawing, Painting

This weekend, I had the pleasure of hiking up to Hanging Lake, followed by a heavenly dip in the Glenwood Springs Hot Sulphur Springs pools. It was magical for many reasons.

The beauty of Hanging Lake is unsurpassed, as anyone who has seen it can attest. The beauty and variation of the landscape on the way to Glenwood from Boulder, and the wonderful, varied, and warm people we met on the trail and at the lake are some of the reasons that Colorado will always be in my heart as my favorite place to be.

I used some lovely watercolor pencils from Faber-Castell and my amazing new water brush to do a little sketch of the lake. I only bought three colors of watercolor pencils: burnt umber, Prussian blue, and dark red, so I did not have the means to capture all the green around me and the perfect turquoise of the lake. But, we all know what it is like to buy a whole box set of colors and only use a select few, so I limited myself to those three when I was at Meininger’s last week getting paper for an unrelated concept art project.

I love the pen, I love the pencils, and I heartily recommend both.



2 thoughts on “Hanging Lake and New Watercolor Tools

  1. This is interesting. I came by because I am looking again at others’ watercolours outdoors as clues to my own. Like you, I’ve been looking to limit my palate and have found a lovely versatile brush. Still I’m using more colours than you. I like what you’ve done here.

    1. Yes! I have found that using a limited palates is very freeing, actually! Sometimes, when I have a full palette, I feel paralyzed at the sheer number of possibilities I can use. If I limit myself, even to a palette that can achieve most colors by mixing, I feel much more relaxed. And yes, this brush is my favorite. I absolutely love it!

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