Brush with Garlic

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I just completed (I think) another still life, and I figured I ought to share it! I used a four-color palette: Titanium White, Ivory Black, Terra Rosa, and Yellow Ochre. I limit myself to this palette for my current painting class. For many paintings, I find that it is surprisingly suitable. Though, I usually choose still life objects that are not incredibly high chroma, or I sneak in some Cadmium Yellow for a highlight!

I haven’t been posting artwork nearly as often as I would like to. It has been an overbooked semester, that is for sure! There are many projects I am working on this April. I am very excited for the museum installation that my team and I are working on. It is projected to be installed by the 20th. I will write a post about it once it is complete, and we are hoping to do a making-of video. The only thing in our way is legality and privacy issues with filming.



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Welcome to my blog! I plan to use this space to talk about all my artistic and creative adventures. This could include tales from my art studio, my journey through my MFA in Painting and my MS in Computer Science, my experimentation in animation, my work on iOS apps, my exploration of illustration, or any given household project I embark upon. I hope that my stories can help or entertain some people. This site also hosts my portfolio and current work. Please feel free to browse the Gallery.

I’ll leave you with some relaxed legs done in graphite. Time to get to work!