For now…


I intended to finish making a legit gallery website to put recent work on, but so far I keep painting more paintings instead of making a website to show the paintings I already made.

For now, be sure to check out my Instagram page for the works I post there.




The Return/Drawn to Life


I am returning from a posting lull. It was a busy end to the semester at both of my schools, and I got a somewhat sudden opportunity to start a Game Development internship two weeks ago. So, I had a week of overlap between the last week of art school and the first week of my internship. I am so thankful that I got this opportunity. For a training exercise, our teams were instructed to make a game in Unity for eventual deployment to an Android device. As the only person on my team with art training, I was responsible for our visual aspects. I am so proud of our game, and I will make sure I have permission to post images to show all of you. The game was just a training exercise and will not be published by the company.

I am now settling in to the internship as I learn about their current games, so that I can take on real duties. The great thing is that, so far, this internship looks like it will be a nice mixture of both digital art and programming.

I’ll leave you with a somewhat dramatic piece, which I pushed really far with value contrast.