Playing Catch

This is my first stop motion scene, entitled Playing Catch?. I had so much fun building the set and doing the animation. Stop motion is definitely the toughest of all animation forms. If you bump something in your scene, there is almost no way to get it back to its original position! I used TVPaint’s video capture function and a webcam to capture my images. TVPaint was very helpful, since I could use the light table functionality to see my old frames.

I look forward to doing more stop motion. I love to work with my hands, so this was such a joy!

The Cunningham

Around the campfire on an engineering retreat, and we got to talking about taking names literally. People asked me if I would be able to draw a Cunning Ham for our coworker, Cunningham. I drew a cartoon and later animated it for a gif so we could use it in our group chat room at work, the fabulous Slack.

Twitter Story

I did a very short cut-out animation of this sweet Twitter story about providing a fun Halloween for children who cannot leave the hospital.

Basic Walk Cycle

This is a very basic walk cycle that I made on paper and scanned in to TVPaint. I need to get the hands moving, but it is nice to see a walk going. I have big plans for more walk cycles with more characters!

Snowman Tug of War

This is an experiment with animation on paper and scanned in to TVPaint. The goal was less about visuals and more about trying to convey that the snowman was pulling and being pulled.

3d Walk Cycle

This is the front and side view of a 3d walk cycle in Maya. I used the rigged Hogan model provided by the Academy of Art University.


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