I have had strong tendencies toward abstraction lately. There is something so blissful about putting down the colors and brushstrokes that feel like they need to be there. On Friday night, after a sparkling evening, I came home with the desire to paint how I was feeling.

Happily, I had a 24″ x 30″ canvas available, so I painted until late in the night, and it was amazing to listen to my intuition for that entire time. Once I started to lose steam, I stopped. I think many artists will agree that when you work on a piece of art from the wrong state of mind, nothing will quite sit right. You cannot force it, or you may not even be able to recover the piece. So, since then, I have added to it here and there as the mood strikes me. But, alas, I must work on assignments for school today.

Being busy isn’t so bad, though. I find that the busier I am, the more things I accomplish in the “free time” that I manage to steal. Here is a small snippet from part of the canvas. I look forward to sharing the piece when I am done.

Oil on canvas:



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I’ll leave you with some relaxed legs done in graphite. Time to get to work!